Episode 029 – Gosh, That’s Swell

Tonight we talk about Brian’s desire to bring back the phrase “That’s Swell”. We talk about our new podcasting studio, “Studio C”. You can find P B and J Studios on facebook. Brian is trying to talk Pam in to switching to Live podcasting. Call in and let Pam know what you think about that.

Our neighbor brought over a tiny baby and Pam got her baby fix. Joey doesn’t like to hear Pam say other kids are cute. Max, our Shih Tzu, gets a full body mohawk.

Our Lansing Lugnuts are 12-2 which is the best record in professional baseball. Lugnuts=good, White Caps=bad. Minor League baseball is what baseball should be.

We talk about our new favorite game, Draw Something. If you would like to play with us, Brian’s username is briankcaruthers. Chelsea Herrington from It’s Just Us Cast draws red butt hair.

Pam’s friend gets good news about the adoption of their baby.

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