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This is a special episode that I recorded with The Righteous Dude from The Dudecast at

We had a great discussion titled “The Devil Made Me Do It! Or, did he?”.  Usually The Righteous Dude likes to have guest hosts that disagree with him and like to have intellegent debates while drinking “ice cold beverages”.  But he and I both agree on this subject, and we still manage to talk for over an hour about it.

I would like to thank The Righteous Dude for having me on his show.  It was the first time I was a guest on another podcast and I had a lot of fun.

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Just to be a graceous guest, I am pasting The Righteous Dudes shownotes so that all the credit goes to whom it belongs:

Welcome, Dudes! Here we are at Episode 9! This time, I am joined by my friend, and fellow Christian podcaster, Brian Keith Caruthers. He has, or is part of, 3 different podcasts:
A Survival Guide for Christian Men at
The P B and J Show at

We talk at length about the truth and/or myth of “The Devil Made Me Do It”.
I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did, because we both agree. Shouldn’t have had much to say, but I can talk a LOT!

Thanks to Brian for coming on!

I mentioned Jake Bible

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